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About Victoria

Hi, I’m Victoria Racey,

I’m a down to earth London girl thats always had a passion and desire to help people.

I first started learning about hypnotherapy over 20 years ago whilst working in the corporate environment. They didn’t call it hypnotherapy but thats where the material stemmed from. I’d always been interested in self help & personal development so I loved the material and there my interest really grew.

I first trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP with Anthony Robbins whilst working for a training company that specialised in attitudinal based training & coaching in the workplace. This introduced me to the work of Richard Bandler the creator of NLP I went on to complete his NLP practitioner course in the late 1990’s with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna & Micheal Breen. During this training I decided to become a fully licensed & accredited Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.

I first qualified in 2002 at The UK College of Complimentary Health Care based in St Charles Hospital, Notting Hill, London & Wembley Centre for Health & Care. Where I learnt Ericksonian based Hypnotherapy combined with Person Centred Counselling. We were taught by Mandy Langford how to work alongside the NHS, follow the codes of conduct set out by the GHR and become fully accredited and insured Hypnotherapists. I then set up a private practice in Harley Street London before moving to Paris and becoming a mother of two.

When I returned to the UK with my two lovely little people I became Foster Carer for a therapeutic agency where I specialised in looking after teenagers. I did this as a single carer looking after as many as five children, some with very complexed needs. It could be very challenging, but I loved it.

When I moved to Swindon I decided to focus on my own children whilst expand my qualifications. I still work with teenagers supporting them in a learning environment.

I completed a course in Cognitive, Behavioural Mindfulness at Oxford Mindfulness Centre this combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Mindfulness. Should we work together I can teach you some Mindfulness that you’ll be able to easily  incorporate into your everyday life.

I’ve a Diploma in Cognitive, Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBT) combines CBT with Hypnotherapy. I completed this Diploma at The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in London. This method takes a clinical evidence based approach and combines  Cognitive, Behavioural, Therapy (CBT) one of the most effective and now well used therapies and combines it with Hypnosis making it very effective this course is also approved by The British Psychological Society, General Hypnotherapy Register, Complimentary & National Healthcare Council and National Council of Hypnotherapy.

My most recent qualification is in Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT this is a fantastic method as it goes straight to the root cause. This is an award winning therapy thats achieving phenomenal results.  RTT was created by British Therapist Marisa Peer, therapist to the rich & famous, writer for magazine Marie Claire, therapist for Supersize vs Superskinny & author of several best selling books… This therapy is incredibly effective the results really do speak for themselves.  I’ve been able to unblock psychological blocks people didn’t even know they had. You really do not have to live with the uncomfortable feelings that hold you back & stop you living to your true potential and keep you stuck in destructive behaviours. Call me and I’ll explain how I can help free you.

I’m fully insured and accredited hypnotherapist. I’m registered with:-

General Hypnotherapy Register – GHR

Complementary & National Healthcare Council – CNHC

National Council of Hypnotherapy – NCH

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT- Practitioner

I’m committed to continual personal and professional development so I can help people make profound & sustainable changes.

Since first becoming a therapist back in 2002… I’ve used these incredibly effective methods, unashamedly for my own self improvement. I’ve changed unhealthy habits, phobias, pain, managed stress and anxiety.

I really do understand the challenges and mindset of a smoker, I’ve been there even though it was a very long time ago. I’ve had two children without medical pain control. I’ve used pain control and mindfulness to manage years of chronic arthritis. I’ve learnt to manage my weight. I survived and thrived a divorce. Enjoy being a mother, have relocated three times & am now settled in Swindon, Wiltshire with the loves of my life following my life purpose…

Life is constantly changing and evolving we can’t always manage what happens around us but we are able to learn valuable techniques, new life skills to help us make better choices. We can develop new behaviours and more empowering ways of thinking. Our thought patterns really can be the key to our making better lifestyle choices. 

I’d love to share these methods with you so you too can live the life you really want.