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Be your number one fan…

All too often people complain about what they don’t have and focus on what they don’t want.

So why is this an issue?

Our incredible brains work on the basis of it always has good intentions and aims to give you what you want. It really does give you what you focus on. A great example of focus is the racing car driver who has to remain very focused at extremely high speeds his brain keeps him focused on the road ahead and not the wall or barrier even though he knows that they’re there. The focus is all about opportunities on the road ahead the car & what he/she is doing to get there in the here and now. So why is this relevant? When you pay attention to the good things in yourself and your life you don’t just make them stronger you also feel more complete and powerful. Like the racing car driver you’ll keep on track. By focusing on all that you don’t have and lack from your life you’ll feel incomplete and unsatisfied, which adds to the feelings of stress.

Find a moment for yourself with a pen and paper & do the following:-

Take three slow, deep & controlled breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Now take the time to recognise and notice all of the great things about yourself. Write a list of all the things that you like about yourself and the things that you’re really good at, areas that you excel in… Write down absolutely everything… Really, savour the moment and acknowledge & appreciate all the things that you’re skilled at both big and small, jot them down.

If your finding it difficult do this… Which is very common when people have been doing the opposite for so long. It’s ok, with practice you’ll just keep getting better.

Most people find it easier to see other peoples strengths etc… Imagine your someone else that knows you really well. Someone who is your number one fan. What qualities would they admire or even envy about you? Write it all down.

Now read the list back to yourself to remind yourself how fabulous you really are!  By focusing on how amazing you are along with what you can do, and do have, you’ll start to become more resilient, resourceful and feel good as apposed to stressed out. Read this list everyday for 21 days to reinforce this list of great things. It’s a good idea to read the list if you start to feel stressed and your focus slips back into focusing on what you don’t have… Read this whenever you need a reminder of how incredible you are… Be your number one fan. Before you know it you’ll be adding to the list!!

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