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Performance Anxiety

Do you seem to be wishing your life away? “I’ll be happy when…” sound familiar? Do you simply not have the confidence to do the things you want to do? Is Performance Anxiety leaving you with a dry mouth and stage fright?   Fear a Panic attack?

Does the thought of public speaking, going for that promotion or new job send a surge of fear through your body? Possibly you’re nearing the end of your studies and facing the final exam? And even though you’ve done all the hard work, prep, revision and attended the lessons etc your fear of messing up is overwhelming… Are you left wondering how others are able to do the things that scare you, seemingly in their stride? Whilst your left worrying about all the what if’s, buts and maybe’s.  Whatever, it is, I can assure you that if you really want it… I can help you make the changes you need to in order to achieve your goals. You no longer need to fear a panic attack. You can have the confidence to live the life you want.

If you want to brighten up your future by being able to deliver that speech, get that dream job or promotion whilst leaving behind those overwhelming immobilising feelings get in touch with me hear. If you’ve got the skills but lack the confidence and determination contact me here. Don’t agonise over should I or shouldn’t I make the call as I can assure you that the quicker you do take action the quicker those wishes can become reality. Leaving you free of those thoughts & feelings that are stopping you & holding you back.  So you can deliver that best mans speech… sit your exam without fear…& stop sabotaging your own success.  Yes! You can change your out of date thoughts and start doing the things that you want to.

I’ll be happy to help you. But you’ll have to take the first step and get in touch here. I’ll explain how I work using a combination of Cognitive, Behavioural, Therapy (CBT) Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

All clients are looked after in a friendly, comfortable environment. So go on, take action, stop agonising and get in touch here.

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Performance Anxiety

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