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Stop Smoking

Do you smoke? Would you like more energy, feel healthier and save money? Yes, then read on…

Come on be honest with yourself do you really enjoy smoking? Or is it something that you wish you hadn’t started?  Or are you kidding yourself that you’re a so called social smoker?  I know, that you know, it’s no good for you, costs a fortune and makes your breath, clothes etc smell of stale smoke. Do you find that the addict inside you tries to tell you otherwise? With lies, such as… “It helps me to relax.” “It helps manage my stress.” Medical research has proven that smoking is a stimulant so it couldn’t possibly be relaxing. If you want to free yourself from this smelly, dirty, time consuming habit, that costs you a fortune and tries to kill you, I can help you. Only if you really want to stop. I mean really stop for good not a couple of days or week.

As you’re still reading this you obviously want to stop or know of someone that does, even if you hadn’t thought about it in any detail before. I’d like to reassure you that the methods that I use are both safe and highly effective. Full client commitment is essential. No substitutes for nicotine are used so you’re not swapping one habit for another and you’ll be working through your addiction to Nicotine. It’s cost effective and you’ll receive lots of support whilst learning some great new coping strategies in a safe nonjudgemental environment.



So you probably want to know what you need to do? I’ll be delighted to explain in more detail how I can help you break the habit.

I use a combination of Cognitive, Behavioural, Therapy (CBT) Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you make significant lifestyle changes. All you need to do is take the first step in breaking the habit, and contact me.