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One step at a time…

Do you have a busy mind, feel overwhelmed, frustrated & can’t see the wood for the trees?

Our brains really are our most incredible tool! Sadly, we’re not taught how to use them and all too often we learn really unhelpful ways of thinking that prevent us from reaching our true potential. We learn habits that keep us doing the same old things even though we know they don’t work for us! A bit like the fly caught on a window we all know that the fly is never going to get out of the closed window… but the fly just keeps on doing the same old thing until it dies of exhaustion or the window is opened for it. My point is something needs to change to get a different outcome. So if you’re constantly feeling stressed and react to the things that stress you out in the same old way that you always have don’t be surprised if you get stuck at the metaphorical window just like the fly!

So when you’re next feeling stressed and overwhelmed by how much you have to do rather than feeling bad and probably underperforming or procrastinating, stop for a moment…

Take three slow controlled deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Make a to-do list. Put all the things you aim to do on your list. Then take a moment to look at your list and trust that you’ll know what job to start with.

My advise is to do the the most important, pressing job on that list first as this is probably the job that is causing you the most anxiety.

You can number your to-do list if you like in terms of priority 1 Top priority, 2 Important but not urgent & 3 It can wait. This helps to put some perspective on your list of things to-do.

Now that you’ve written them down and put some perspective on the to-do list and chosen a job to do now. Forget about everything else and focus solely on what you’re doing now. Each time other items from your list pop into your mind simply bring your attention back to the task that you’re working on now. Just move that thought aside and focus all of your attention to what you are doing now. This is like any new skill with practice it gets easier and easier.

Eventually, you’ll find this second nature. So stay with it as when you’re able to give your complete focus to one thing at a time without all of the other thoughts, the doing will give you rest. You’ll find you’re more creative and get more done. Don’t just take my word for it, give it a go!

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