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Say a big thank you…

No-one likes to be taken for granted and feel unappreciated. These feelings can leave us feeling undervalued, frustrated and stressed. We all feel better about ourselves when we feel appreciated and valued it often makes all the effort worth while. It’s incredible what a simple thank you can do!

Gratefulness adds to positive reactions in our body, helps us to be more in the here and now & reduces feelings of stress.

Don’t just take my word for it give it a go, now.  Here’s a simple way of exercising gratefulness. Don’t wait for others to show you gratitude start doing it for yourself and before you know it you’ll start to feel the benefits of being grateful.

How to have your own thanks giving:-

Take three deep controlled breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Write down all the things that you do impeccably, things that you know you’re really skilled and good at… Things that you’ve worked hard for and even the things that you’ve just got done because it needs to be. Think about all the things that you’ve been told by friends, family, teachers, colleagues over the years that you excel at. Most importantly note down all of the things that you think and know that you’re good and skilled at. These can be big and meaningful or small and everyday things. For example you could put, – I’m a great listener.  – I make a great cuppa.  Whatever, it is jot it down on your list.

Now you’ve got your list firstly thank yourself for taking the time to show your gratitude by creating the list because it makes you feel valued. Thank yourself for acquiring and keeping all of those skill sets whilst learning new ones as this makes me feel appreciated.

You can add to this list whenever you like.

Read this list and thank yourself everyday for 21 days in the morning. By doing this you set your day up with the right mindset and focus on what you can do. It’s very empowering! By cultivating a can do mindset you’ll find your more creative and less stressed so you’ll find it easier to learn new things.

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