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“Literally life changing (sounds corny but it’s totally true)

After pretty much giving up on ever successfully losing weight, I reached out to Victoria. I hadn’t tried it before, or considered that it may have any real effect.
Amazingly, she helped me make big changes- without noticeable sacrifices and with immediate results.
I feel so freed!!
I haven’t looked back and in 3 short months, I am 2.5 stone SMALLER. The weight is still shedding off, but it’s not just the weight… my attitude and confidence is on another level. I like myself and I am finally enough!
I strongly recommend you to take the initiative to contact Victoria if you are ready to change your life in an extraordinary way for the better, permanently.”
Jacqueline – Online via Zoom


“I’m delighted to report, I’ve stopped smoking! Having tried many, times in the past. This time Victoria made it easy for me. No cravings or weight gain. “



“Victoria made it easy for me to Stop Smoking, something I had never believed possible before now! I’ve not smoked for over a year now & feel fantastic.”

Pav- London


“Victoria really understood me. Gave me loads of support and I’m delighted to report I breathe easy… My stopping smoking gave me the confidence to also overcome my fear of flying!”

Andrew- Essex


“I knew I had the skills but I lacked the confidence & self-esteem. Victoria helped me to believe in myself & I got the job!”



“Wow! That was the first time I’ve ever sat an exam without feeling anxiety. My mind would go blank. It was phenomenal! I was able to narrow down my focus and remain relaxed!… I passed… “



“Victoria helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking so I could deliver my speech without fear!”



“Victoria has changed my life.

I am a woman in my early fifties and was steadily putting on weight.  Although I knew overeating was my problem the idea of dieting or making changes to my lifestyle seemed daunting and impossibly hard to achieve. 

After a lot of google searching on the subject of weight loss I read about hypnosis.  

I found Victoria by (lucky) chance. Her confidence in me was so reassuring and as if by magic after the first session my mindset was totally changed towards my bad and self – destructive eating habits.

I have not been on a diet. I now have an overwhelming desire to only eat the type and amount of food my body needs.  I still eat out regularly with my family and friends, I have not had to prepare separate meals for myself.

I have easily met my initial weight loss target and have now set myself a new target which I know to be achievable. 

I can’t thank Victoria enough for her skill, empathy and support.”

Caroline- Wiltshire

“Vicky, saved my life! For most of my life I have struggled with depression, leading to other problems, weight, anxiety, low self esteem, self harm etc. I have tried numerous types of therapy with little result, but during this therapy I could literally feel the weight lift from my shoulders & by the end of the session the dark fog was gone.  Vicky was welcoming & made me feel safe & relaxed throughout.  I walked through the door as a broken, stressed, worthless little girl & left as a strong, powerful woman! I AM ENOUGH!”

Sarah – Wiltshire

“I contacted Victoria because I wanted to stop smoking. I not only quit cigarettes but through working with her I’ve improved my overall outlook on life and my self-confidence.

I fully recommend working with Victoria.”

Rasheeda – Oxford