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“Vicky, saved my life! For most of my life I have struggled with depression, leading to other problems, weight, anxiety, low self esteem, self harm etc. I have tried numerous types of therapy with little result, but during this therapy I could literally feel the weight lift from my shoulders & by the end of the session the dark fog was gone.  Vicky was welcoming & made me feel safe & relaxed throughout.  I walked through the door as a broken, stressed, worthless little girl & left as a strong, powerful woman! I AM ENOUGH!”

Sarah – Wiltshire

“So impressed & grateful to Vicky & RTT
I started treatment a few weeks after agreeing, with my employer, that I would not return to work, following a year away, after being ill with stress & Covid.
I was severely fatigued & had numerous other symptoms; living a half-life.
Everything is better for me. Nearly all symptoms are gone & I know they will go completely.  My memory, concentration, organisational skills & self-esteem have all improved enormously.
I have loads of energy & am so happy; being in more contact with friends & family, dog walking, gardening, cooking, driving, singing & dancing (around my house), with the greatest freedom I’ve ever felt. I’m also able to fully relax, for the 1st time in 50 years. 
11 weeks on, as my work contract ends, I’m now thinking about what I’d like to do for a living. Anything is possible.”

Jacki – Swindon


“This was my first time ever taking any form of therapy after suffering severely with anxiety and episodes of depression for around 8 years! At the age of 21 I’d had enough and was looking for help! I did not know what help would best suit me as I had no prior experience. This is when I came across Vicky! Where do I start? From the moment I spoke to Vicky on my discovery call I knew straight away she was just what I was looking for! Her warm nature and soft, caring attitude helped me to relax and brief her on the problems I was facing. She came back to me on the same call with all different ways in which she would be able to help me! I never once doubted her ability, however I would be lying if I said i wasn’t  completely sold on the idea, purely because I did not see any possible way out of what I was going through after it had progressively got worse over the years! However I went ahead and booked my sessions and following our first session I walked out of the door with a spring in my step truly feeling the best I’d felt in the last 8 years. This drastic change gave me so much faith that I could get better allowing me in sessions to follow to really let go of everything and allow Vicky’s amazing therapy to work it’s magic! It really is impossible to summarise just how much Vicky has helped me get back to normal and the impact it has had on my life! All I can really say is if you are looking for someone who you can trust and feel 100% comfortable with Vicky is your person to go to! I can’t recommend vicky & her services enough! Lastly Vicky also takes valuable time out of her day to text/call you if you are struggling or just need a quick bit of advice/help! I found this so reassuring as I never felt alone or like I couldn’t reach out.”

Ollie – Oxfordshire

“Victoria made it easy for me to Stop Smoking, something I had never believed possible before now! I’ve not smoked for over a year now & feel fantastic.”

Pav- London

“Literally life changing (sounds corny but it’s totally true)

After pretty much giving up on ever successfully losing weight, I reached out to Victoria. I hadn’t tried it before, or considered that it may have any real effect.

Amazingly, she helped me make big changes- without noticeable sacrifices and with immediate results.

I feel so freed!

I haven’t looked back and in 3 short months, I am 2.5 stone SMALLER. The weight is still shedding off, but it’s not just the weight… my attitude and confidence is on another level. I like myself and I am finally enough!

I strongly recommend you to take the initiative to contact Victoria if you are ready to change your life in an extraordinary way for the better, permanently.”

Jacqueline – Online via Zoom

“I’m delighted to report, I’ve stopped smoking! Having tried many, times in the past. This time Victoria made it easy for me. No cravings or weight gain. “



“Victoria really understood me. Gave me loads of support and I’m delighted to report I breathe easy… My stopping smoking gave me the confidence to also overcome my fear of flying!”

Andrew- Essex

“I knew I had the skills but I lacked the confidence & self-esteem. Victoria helped me to believe in myself & I got the job!”


“Wow! That was the first time I’ve ever sat an exam without feeling anxiety. My mind would go blank. It was phenomenal! I was able to narrow down my focus and remain relaxed!… I passed… “


“Victoria helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking so I could deliver my speech without fear!”



“Victoria has changed my life.

I am a woman in my early fifties and was steadily putting on weight.  Although I knew overeating was my problem the idea of dieting or making changes to my lifestyle seemed daunting and impossibly hard to achieve. 

After a lot of google searching on the subject of weight loss I read about hypnosis.  

I found Victoria by (lucky) chance. Her confidence in me was so reassuring and as if by magic after the first session my mindset was totally changed towards my bad and self – destructive eating habits.

I have not been on a diet. I now have an overwhelming desire to only eat the type and amount of food my body needs.  I still eat out regularly with my family and friends, I have not had to prepare separate meals for myself.

I have easily met my initial weight loss target and have now set myself a new target which I know to be achievable. 

I can’t thank Victoria enough for her skill, empathy and support.”

Caroline- Wiltshire


“My first appointment with Vicky I was a mess, I had just about given up on life. I thought my children were better off without me and everything was to hard, my anxiety and depression was through the roof. 
Vicky is such a kind, empathetic, bubbly, supportive lady. She made me feel at ease to talk and offload right from the get go. She is infectious with her smile, and cared deeply to help. Working with Vicky through my problems has been an eye opener, learning curve and a total transformation, she is an angel on this earth and I owe her my life. I’m now feeling strong, confident, open, I have a different perspective on situations, my coping strategies and life, I’m totally ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me. Thank you Vicky for your wonderful work x”
Stacey- Wiltshire 

“I contacted Victoria because I wanted to stop smoking. I not only quit cigarettes but through working with her I’ve improved my overall outlook on life and my self-confidence.

I fully recommend working with Victoria.”

Rasheeda – Oxford


It has been a few months since our hypnotherapy sessions but I wanted to write to thank you.

I was always a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy and, although very open minded, never really believed it was a ‘thing’. How wrong I was! The first session we had unearthed emotions in me about situations in my life that I never knew existed. Something just clicked in me and I can clearly remember the moment that it dawned on me why I was feeling insecure and so lacking in self-belief. You were the one to unlock that and you have no idea how much you have genuinely changed my life.

Before our sessions I was very anxious in my job as a teacher and felt that I was always the least capable in the room and that all the other teachers were better than me and had it all together. As I mentioned before, you helped me to see why I felt this way and that was the moment that changed everything.

Before the sessions I would procrastinate because something was quite challenging- I would leave things to the last minute as it made me feel anxious to think about it and then this obviously made me even more anxious later on as I was then under pressure to get things done quickly. The pressure then took the joy out of it and I was even looking at other careers. I realised that I would face the same feeling of anxiety in whatever situation or job I was in so knew I had to tackle it once and for all.

Now, I have seen a genuine change in my working habits and even differences in my home life where I am much more prepared and organised and generally much more proactive. I also know that I am good enough. I just cannot thank you enough!! I am even back to loving teaching again (maybe not so much the paperwork but the teaching I love!).

Thank you Victoria, you have no idea the difference you have made to me. I would highly recommend Victoria- one very professional yet lovely lady.

Alison – Swindon

“Victoria really helped me with getting my drinking & public speaking under control. I felt really comfortable & relaxed talking to Victoria. She’s very professional, understanding & I highly recommend. No matter how shy you might be, Victoria helps you every step of the way.”

Mark – Wiltshire

“When I first met Vicky, I was completely addicted to sugar and had been down every road possible, WLS (Weight loss surgery)  was my next option however I know I needed to deal with the root of my addiction which I’ve had most of my life, I’m 49 for reference. I’ve been working with Vicky since May, for the last 6 weeks I no longer want, need or have had processed sugar. This is huge for me. She is so easy to talk to, she really listens and put me at ease from our first 5 minutes together . I honestly can’t thank you enough for the release of past trauma, helping me heal and giving me the tools to break free 💗💗💗”

Nic -Online via Zoom


“I contacted Victoria as for over 30 years I have not eaten vegetables. I didn’t like them, the taste, texture, smell, even the thought of eating them sent me reeling.

Of course, this had a detrimental effect on my health and weight and quality of life.

I had tried almost every single avenue available to me in an attempt to change, I tried and tried again but had no success at all.

I contacted Change By Thought through bark as the final Avenue was Hypnotherapy. I was unsure but hopeful and after my very first telephone conversation with Victoria, I had a renewed sense of confidence that this could work.

After the very first session, I was eating vegetables, willing to try them and actually having them regularly as a part of my meals, I was also eating all of the fruits I had spent over 30 years avoiding.

I cannot stress enough how big of a deal this was and continues to be! I was a person who was absolutely sure that, no matter how much I wanted this change, I would never be able to.

Victoria changed that!

If this behaviour is able to be changed in me – anything is possible, it really is.

The work in the first session was supported and reinforced with later sessions. Recordings provided for me to listen to each day between sessions, regular contact to discuss progress and see how I am doing.

The level of care, service and professionalism really goes above and beyond.

I cannot recommend, or indeed thank Victoria enough for the work she did with me and to help me to make these changes to improve the quality of my life.”



“Everyone needs a little help sometimes to reach their goals and true potential. Luckily for me, I met Victoria. She is an inspirational, committed and compassionate woman who journeys along side you to a better place. 

I would highly recommended her professional, yet personal and caring approach. I have seen real changes, both physically and mentally. Thank you Victoria!”
Helena – Oxfordshire

“After 3 years of recurrent cold sores – 2 or 3 new ones daily – even taking anti-viral tablets every day; 3 sessions of hypnosis with Victoria and they have gone!

Victoria helped me bypass the anxieties I had that were ironically,  feeding them! My doctor recommended hypnosis when were talking about getting stuck as to what else to try – I’m so glad she did! I still get the odd small one popping up, but it’s only been 3 months and even that is getting less. 

I feel better in myself too, more at ease with life in general – such a change!”

Mary – Swindon

“Thanks for your genuine interest and real help in my life. You have transformed my outlook of the mind and towards myself.

Being pessimistic is horrible and has been detrimental to me. I would often think poorly as I didn’t have the tools to pull myself out of negative spirals. You have changed this and unlocked an integral part of my brain that has been dormant for years. 

Your recordings are not just nice words that have been thrown together, they have intrinsic value and deep meaning to me. My memory is poor and so these recordings have been amazing at reiterating and cementing positive words into my thoughts. Your voice is calming but authoritative at the same time, which I respond to well. You have built me up in each session and taught me to start building myself up.

Someone I admire greatly, the infamous Bruce Lee said ‘as you think, so shall you become’ I’ve had this written in my phone for years now, but never understood its importance. I was becoming someone that wasn’t me, I felt lost and resorted to unhealthy external sources for happiness. I tried to look from within, but was unable to on my own, as often I could only see despair so avoided being retrospective.

You have been pivotal at reassuring me in a vulnerable time, something I didn’t originally seek you out for, as you know. Thank you for going above and beyond in regards to my emotional support, your enthusiasm for your profession is obvious. 

You are more valuable than gold could ever be.”

Dane – Swindon