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Fees of Service

Initial Consultations

The initial consultation is a very important piece of work that forms the foundation of all of our work together & builds the framework of our future sessions. This is the longest session and takes on average two hours. I charge £150 for this session.  All clients are provided with a personalised recording for them to listen to at home. This not only reinforces the effectiveness of our sessions together is speeds up the process saving you money and time.

Hypnotherapy is a short term therapy, clients often achieve their goals within the first three sessions depending on their issue. During the Initial Consultation I like to agree six sessions with clients with a review during session four if needed. During the review we’ll look at your progress and consider how we move forward. Clients tend not to need this many sessions and achieve their desired outcomes before session four. The best thing to do is contact me here and I can talk you through how I work and why.

Follow on Sessions

Hourly rate £75.

Therapy Packages

We are all different and so I can create packages of therapy to meet each individual needs & goal.

Rapid Transformational Therapy – RTT is not to be confused with conventional hypnotherapy. This method is very fast & delivers long lasting sustainable changes.

Every therapy plan is created to meet individuals needs.

I’m able to offer 1 month plan or three month plan we can discuss this during your free 30 minute discovery call.

To give you some insight bellow is a general framework.

These can take place in person or via Zoom. All outcomes and therapy is the same.

Therapy package:-

One RTT Session 2 hours 30 minutes.

Personalised recording. To be listened to for 21 days

Follow on email support.

Two follow on therapy sessions.

Cost of all of the above £375.

This course of therapy is spread over 5-6 weeks depending on the clients need. By booking a block of therapy your not only committing to showing up & taking part in your self development you’ll save £75.

Therapy package:-

Three RTT Sessions 2 hours 30 minutes.

Three Personalised recordings. To be listened to for 21 days

Follow on email support.

Six follow on therapy sessions.

Cost of all of the above £900

This course of therapy is spread over three to four months depending on the client.  This is a great option for those with multiple issues as it really brings down the cost of your therapy & saving you £450.

For more information about how this therapy can work for you contact me here and book a free 30 minute discovery call.

Corporate Clients

I’m available for corporate seminars & therapy sessions designed to manage stress & anxiety in the workplace. I can help your people overcome the blocks that are holding them back and preventing them from reaching their true potential in your business.

Should you wish to talk through your requirements, understand how I work and find out more about corporate rates please don’t hesitate to contact me here to find out more… 


Change by Thought is able to accept Cash, PayPal or all major Credit or Debit cards. Payment is made at the time of booking before we start work.


Normally to avoid cancellation charges you must give 48 hours notice during office hours. However, due to covid-19 should you be sick I understand that you might not be able to keep your appointment. 

Should you decide to cancel your appointment for any other reason than sickness 48 hours notice is required via phone, text or email during office hours 9am – 5pm.

Should you cancel any later than 48 hours prior to our appointment there is a 50% cancellation fee or for clients with pre paid packages you will have to pay to book your next session.


Habit Change

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Performance Anxiety

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